The Dilijan Chamber Music Series is dedicated to showcasing traditional pieces of Western classical chamber music, as well as pearls from the treasury of Armenian chamber works. Founded by members of the Lark Musical Society, this concert series is aimed at encouraging new devotees to chamber music, while simultaneously inspiring seasoned concertgoers. In addition, Dilijan endeavors to present to the public a variety of distinguished instrumentalists of an international caliber. Moreover, Dilijan strives to present world premieres of chamber music commissioned by contemporary Armenian composers.



Dr. Nazareth Darakjian 

Movses Pogossian
Rosig Baroutjian
Ashot Kartalyan
Arpi Barsoumian
Michael and Ani Barr
Louisa Janbazian
Kenneth Kevorkian
Ara Kourouyan
Andy Torosyan
Haykouhie Torosyan


May 23, 2005, Yerevan

I warmly salute the establishment of the Dilijan Chamber Music Series, which is spearheaded by renowned musicians Vatsche Barsoumian and Movses Pogossian. While one hails from Armenia and the other from the Diaspora, both are dedicated Armenians, talented musicians, and diligent workers.

I sincerely wish and hope that Dilijan will soon become a tradition. The forthcoming festival is an initiative which is aimed at strengthening the notion of One Nation, One Culture, One Foundation. Dilijan will, indeed, benefit the aforementioned patriotic and grand concept.

We must spare no effort in establishing stable and suitable foundations for similar projects in the near future. Such initiatives will only buttress the development of our nation’s culture, and solidify the sacred cause of our existence and preservation.

Composer Edward Mirzoyan

I welcome the creation of the Dilijan concert series, which is organized by such brilliant musicians as violinist Movses Pogossian and conductor Vatsche Barsoumian. I value this initiative as an extension of Armenia’s One Nation, One Culture festival, which will benefit the development of our national heritage.

Composer Alexander Haroutunian

Movses Pogossian’s background in the performing arts is rooted in his exemplary musical education in Yerevan, and later in Moscow. He is a brilliant violinist and exerts an enormous creative energy. Pogossian has also worked enthusiastically to assist in the commissioning of new works by contemporary composers.

Vatsche Barsoumian is a great musician, conductor and organizer. He is a prominent figure, who has been quite successful in creating a musical tradition in the Diaspora thanks to his manifold talents and dynamism.

I am very happy that these two musicians’ boundless creativity has coalesced in the name of the Dilijan Chamber Music Series.

I wish my two friends a long and prolific collaborative journey.

Composer Tigran Mansurian